"By The Power Of Buddha"

The author of the book had astonished an international medical society of neuropathology, when she decided to quit her career and move for good to live in a Japanese Buddhist tempie of Yokohama. She was successful and her professional future was actually well secured. Poland was entering its great cycle of transformation into a real free market state and democratic society. For talented, ambitious and hard-working person, like Agnes Jedrzejewska M.D.Ph.D. known presently as Myoshu sensei, nothing could be better.

Why, then, did she decide to enter unknown to her, at that moment, culture? Why did she risk an experience of a secondary illiteracy among the Japanese people? Why did she leave behind a comfort of her financial independency, a comfort of having things done around her in a way she liked and chose? Why did she put herself into a life in not biologically fortunate for Europeans climate, while being already at the age of 48?

We hope that the book will answer such questions.

The Publisher, as a young student of medicine, was somehow captured by Myoshu sensei unusual profile. However nowadays, the Publisher believes that much more important is what Myoshu sensei teaches than how unusual person she really is.


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